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Our services
Parex Brokeru Sistēma provides services in all areas of customs controls at the borders of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

Our services:

  • Registration of customs declarations of all types;
  • Application of the customs guarantee for all types of customs procedures on all European Union;
  • Representation the clients interests in customs office;
  • Customs registration of transit procedures without customs service participation;
  • Registration and temporary storage of returnable freights; 
  • TIR Carnet filling;
  • Preliminary electronic informing of customs authorities of EU;
  • Preliminary electronic informing of customs authorities of Russia and Belarus;
  • Registration of declarations of customs cost;
  • Calculation of a possible customs debt;
  • Accounting of confirmations of end of a customs procedure "EXPORT";
  • CMR filling;
  • Services in expedition of alcoholic products;
  • Latvian policies of obligatory insurance of civil responsibility of the car owner;
  • Providing telephone, fax communication and e-mail;
  • Copying services;
  • Other services necessarily.

In Latvia:
Russian border (LV-RU)
Belarus border (LV-BY)
Riga Commercial Port;
Railway customs posts:
Riga Šķirotava;
Daugavpils Railway Station;

In Lithuania (LT-RU; LT-BY)
In Estonia (EE-RU)
In Poland (PL-BY; PL-UA; PL-RU)
on all points of customs control.

Our services are available


Our experts will answer on all of your questions.

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Parex Brokeru Sistēma Латвия
Rīga, Citadeles 2
Тел.: +371 673 26 455
Тел.: +371 673 23 835
Факс: +371 673 23 948
Email: pbs@customs.lv
Parex Brokerių Sistema Литва
J.Dobkevičiaus g. 8, LT-02189 Vilnius
Tel.: +370(5)2329467
Audrius- +37061595686
Dalia- +37061710915
Email: broker.system@parexbs.lt
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